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3G International Course Laser in Endodontics

September, 19th - 20th 2014
October, 17th - 18th 2014
Villa Quartara, Badia Benedettina della Castagna, Genoa (Italy)

This course is a part of an international laser education program, that involves the Universities of Genoa, Geneve and Gent. Under the umbrella of University of Genoa, this laser in endodontics course will present a complete up-to-date review of the international literature on laser endodontics while connecting the research with cliniking for new and innovative techniques that improve the quality of root cal experience, with the goal to offer a guide for dentists that are looking for new and innovative techniques that improve the quality of root canal therapy. This course will offer a comprehensive look at all conventional and innovative indications for the use of lasers in endodontics and introduce operative protocols that lead to predictable outcomes.The practical part will include: root canal preparation on entracte tooth, conventional laser technique performed with Diode and Neodimium YAG lasers, laser activated irrigation techniques performed with Erbium Chromium and Erbium YAG lasers.

Enjoy delving into the wonderful world of laser dentistry!

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